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Teknotrends offers consulting, product and training services in the area of web applications security. We help protect your web site from hackers by finding the vulnerabilities in your web site; we protect your website via a deployment of a WAF; and we train your developers and testers in finding vulnerabilities in your website.

We have been pioneers in finding vulnerabilities in many top websites in India. We are also experts at building and deploying WAFs, generating and deploying signatures. We have inventions and patents in the area of vulnerability assessment.

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Case Study: How Teknotrends helped a startup find vulnerabilties in its web portals

One of the new age startups from Bangalore that is giving Bangalore the name of being the startup capital of India/world tracks fleets, cars, buses for many top MNCs using location intelligence, helping route employees of companies appropriately. It has a number of one-stop portals that help enterprises manage its fleet ferrying employees. To know how Teknotrends helped this new age startup overcome its security problems, please mail info@teknotrends.com with details of your name, company, your designation, address, phone number from your company id. A detailed study will be mailed back to you.


Teknotrends offers the following kind of services to customers. Teknotrends can also work on your custom requirements if they dont fit any of the following services


A two day web application security training course will help your team learn the basics of how to find vulnerabilities in your website. Have a look at the brochure.


A five day standard consulting module helps find platform vulberabiiities in your website as well as vulnerabities in a few forms / pages of one of your web portal.


A two week consulting module helps find platform vulnerabilitioes in your web portals as well as cover sample pages/webs of two your portals or covers one of your portals comprehensively.


A week's advanced training course prepares you for comprehensive web application security testing that you can yourself do.


Deploys a self-learning WAF that will block vulnerabilities in your website.


A standard wAF coupled with continuous monitoring of logs of your website and analyse them to watch for hackers.


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